Solo Shows

In addition to writing, I sometimes perform. Occasionally in plays, but also in solo shows I’ve created.

In addition to performing this show at various community centers, this sold out show was also performed at the 2023 Hollywood Fringe Festival where it won The Hollywood Encore Producers’ Award.

The show is a semi-comedic look at what life’s like for me and what it can be, once I turned 80 and retired. Should I, can I, change from what I am now? Some think I’m perceptive and brainy. Others think I’m silly and stupid. What will you think? I’ve written this world-premiere one-person show where I can finally play myself telling all to know I just turned a vital 80.

The answer to whether BEING 80: TOO OLD TO CHANGE? — it’s NOT as simple as you might think. This production resonates not only with seniors, but with their friends and family, who get a peek at being vital at 80. Below are some audience comments.

I want you to know that I enjoyed your show so so much!  Please do more shows so that I can continue to attend! – Kristin G.
The play was poignant and thought provoking in both a happy/funny and at times sad way. Relatable and Has meaning and takeaways for people of many ages. – Bennett W.
God bless you Art! I really enjoyed the show! It’s never too late to learn and change! … show reiterates some very important concepts that get even more important as time goes on. – Taun N.
Damn, that man has a great twinkle in his 80-year-old eye. My wife laughed louder and more often than ever. I give him credit just for being on stage at 80, and funny, too. If you’re anywhere near 80 and looking for humorous inspiration go – Richard C.
>It was charming, thoughtful and packed with grand-Dad jokes. Art’s performance is inspiring, too, challenging the perception of what being vital-while-aging can look like. – Heather D.

Here’s my headshot used for stand-up show publicity and some of my production photos:


It seems like the answer to the question the title asks should be ‘Yes’, given my last name (Shulman) and the fact my mother was Jewish. But, HOLD ON. There’s lot of reasons, lots of behaviors, which suggest otherwise.

I’ve performed lots of my monologues (which tend to be complete plays, with a beginning, middle and end). This includes live and Zoom performances.

The monologues include Heavens, Graveside, My Newest Challenge, and Copernicus/Buballah.

Also, the Solo shows indicated elsewhere are monologues.

I have written other monologues not performed by myself. They may be found in the PLAYS section of the website.