Potential Screenplays


THE TROLLS WHO STOLE THE NORTH POLE, and SPACENAPPED SANTA are both currently published stage plays designed for kids.

Both plays can be adapted into a screenplay, either animated or “real”.

Will Santa be able to make toys this year to give to kids around the world?

Perhaps not. It’s just days until Christmas when two trolls divert a shipment of toy supplies destined for Santa’s toy factory at the North Pole to their troll toy factory at the South Pole. It’s all part of the trolls’ scheme to manufacture toys and sell them at inflated prices. But when Santa discovers the devious plan, he sends Mrs. Claus, Rudolph, and two elves to the South Pole to retrieve the stolen supplies and bring them back in time to make toys for Christmas. Will they be successful? Or will most kids on Earth have to do without toys this Christmas?

This screenplay contains 19 wonderful catchy songs.

Santa, on a test drive with his sleigh, is spacenapped to the planet Plantania.

It’s Christmas Eve and on the planet of Plantania an alien scientist, Gar, has unveiled his newest invention, a giant magnet. But a power-hungry alien, Fisthead, steals the magnet and points it into the sky at the exact same moment Santa and Rudolph are test-flying Santa’s sleigh. Santa and Rudolph become caught in the powerful magnetic pull and are forced to land on Plantania, where they discover they have been spacenapped, along with the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. Not only does the selfish Fisthead take all the Easter eggs and make them into egg salad, but he steals Santa’s toys so that he can be the most popular alien on the planet. Will Santa and the others ever get back to the North Pole? And will it be this year, in time to deliver toys to all the kids on Earth?