Art, a proud native Brooklynite, has written a bunch of books, the latest of which is: A KID GROWS IN BROOKLYN : Memories of a Magical Time. It’s available on Amazon, Kindle and Barnes & Noble.Here’s what the description on Amazon says:Step into a world filled with the magical kidhood and enchanting charm of Brooklyn through the eyes of Art Shulman in his captivating memoir “A Kid Grows in Brooklyn: Memories Of A Magical Time.

This isn’t just any memoir – Art Shulman, author and lively octogenarian, creates a time capsule that transports you to the most magical time and place to grow up in. Whether you’re a Brooklyn native or just curious about its legendary allure, Art’s journey from childhood to 18 is an adventure you can’t miss. His tales are a delightful blend of humor and poignancy, crafted to keep you turning pages with a smile.

Join Art as he revisits iconic landmarks like Coney Island and savors childhood flavors, from egg creams to the joyous games of punchball to the Brooklyn Dodgers. Each chapter unfolds a new facet of Brooklyn life, painting a vivid picture of family, friends, and the simple pleasures of a bygone era.

“A Kid Grows in Brooklyn” is a treasure trove of memories. It’s more than a memoir; it’s a celebration of life’s small moments and big adventures.Amazon Paperback and Kindle

Order Your Copy Today! Take advantage of this heartwarming journey through the streets of Brooklyn. Grab your copy of “A Kid Grows in Brooklyn: Memories of a Magical Time.” and embark on an unforgettable journey that will leave you laughing, reflecting, and cherishing every page.

I’m Wrong, I’m Sorry, I Love You! on Amazon Paperback and Kindle
Getting along with your mate after a squabble
A survival manual for menThis is sort of a spoof, but also contains a lots of useful advice.Living with a woman can be pleasure on earth, but sadly, it’s sometimes quite difficult. In this book, part spoof and part truth-telling, psychologist Shulman provides a survival manual to men with a woman as a mate for those difficult times when he gets in trouble with her.The major piece of the manual’s advice is the title. Tell her, “I’m wrong. I’m sorry. I love you.”But there’s a lot more to it than that. There are many more things the judicious man needs to know in order to properly implement this advice.
Tyrus Carson’s Ride on Amazon
A Western coming of age storyFilled with action, romance, and even some philosophy.In this coming-of-age novel we follow the action-packed exploits of 19 year old Tyrus Carson and his horse Whisper, in the early 19th century, as he tries to find his purpose in life.Starting from his soldier days we follow Tyrus’ adventures as he makes his way home after a near-death experience. This important fast-moving novel also deals with issues such as friendship, romance, the treatment of Native-Americans and of women, revenge, and family.
Barnaby Brain on Amazon
An illustrated children’s book about a brain who transforms into a whole boy
In the beginning, Barnaby was just a brain. But because he kept thinking and thinking, he invented himself into a whole real boy, ready for life’s adventures. Young kids will love seeing Barnaby turn into a boy and meet someone new.